How To Make Banana Bread: The Simple Recipe

Banana Bread




  1. Mix the flour, salt and bicarbonate (or chemical yeast) in a bowl

  2. Mash the bananas with a fork (the more ripe the better) until they are completely pureed.

  3. In a large bowl add the mashed banana, the sugar and the three eggs. Mix well until it is well integrated and the sugar is not noticeable.

  4. Now we add the vanilla essence, the water and the sunflower oil. We mix.

  5. When it is well mixed we add the flour in three batches integrating it well.

  6. Add the chocolate chips (reserving a few) and mix well.

  7. We pour the mixture into a greased plum cake mold placing the chocolate chips that we had reserved on top of the dough.

  8. We bake with the oven preheated to 175ºC for 60 minutes.

  9. We check with a stick and if it is ready, we cool before unmolding.